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Our Story

Get to Know Us


Every woman is born special and beautiful.


Fuchsia Lane was born in 2007 because we believe in making outfits that makes every woman feel magical and cherished. We like her dressed in a Fuchsia Lane, from the most mundane moment to the most important occasion.


We believe the outfits one wears reflect the depth of your character and dressing well is good manners. The Fuchsia Lane lady is poetic, poised and passionate about life.

Fuchsia Lane pays meticulous attention to every detail, construction, fit and fabric choice from inner to outer. Feminine and delicate, these exquisitely crafted wardrobe treasures feel so good that it is like a second skin.


Fuchsia Lane is proud of its Asian roots and craftmanship and we aim to be the purveyors of luxury Nanyang fashion to the world. Our designs marry subtle Asian influences with contemporary silhouettes, giving rise to poetic works of Art that frames the body beautifully. As Fuchsia Lane continues to evolve, we have started to dress men with a sense of refined aesthetics.

Founder of Fuchsia Lane

Creative Director, Vivienne Ong-Lin was born and raised in Singapore to Malaysian parents. Her mother is from Penang and Vivienne remembers spending her childhood holidays in her grandparents’ eclectic mansion in Penang where the colourful wares, beaded shoes and Kebayas formed a vivid impression on her. Growing up, she loved fairy tales and showed a profound interest in lost Chinese civilisations. She even played the Chinese zither (“guzheng”).


Vivienne graduated from the National University of Singapore where she was trained in Industrial Design and was awarded the prestigious Pre-University and University ASEAN scholarship for 6 years. During her university, she travelled to the world’s fashion capital Milan, to train in fashion and retail at Politecnico di Milano.

In 2007, Vivienne launched Fuchsia Lane after working in the design, advertising and marketing industry for five years. She was subsequently mentored by local couture maestro Thomas Wee for 18 months under a fashion incubator programme jointly organised by Japanese retail conglomerate PARCO and Singapore Textile and Fashion Federation.


Little did she know, her childhood fascination with fairy tales and Chinese Civilisations, her memories of a glorious Peranakan heritage growing up, her exposure to Italy’s sophisticated couture scene and rigorous training under luxury fashion veteran and business corporates, would culminate in the creation of Fuchsia Lane. A brand with a strong DNA of romantic Nanyang influences, modern sensibilities and an endless pursuit for perfection.

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Crafted with Time and Pride


Every Fuchsia Lane is to be Cherished.

To preserve culture and heritage, we need to reinvent it for it to stay relevant.

Stitch by stitch, thread by thread, Fuchsia Lane weaves every creation inspired by Nanyang culture, fairy tales, lost Chinese civilisations and the romantic Peranakan era into modern silhouettes.


Fuchsia Lane designs are impeccably and uncompromisingly handmade in its Singapore atelier by artisans specialising in different skills from production of paper patterns, cutting and sewing to intricate Peranakan beading. Its signature invisible stitching technique creates magnificent lace appliqués on the dress with virtually no trace of stitches behind.


Fuchsia Lane pieces feature refined embroidery designed in Singapore and crafted in Seoul by the hanbok artisans.

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Grooming the next generation of artisans


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Invisible Stitching 暗缝


The final process is to hand-stitch the lace applique without any visible threads showing on the underside of the fabrics. The tension of the hand pulling the thread is determined through the artisan’s experience and must be just right to prevent bunching or the applique too loosely stitched. This painstaking way of sewing ensures neatness inside and outside and is the true epitome of luxury clothes.

Lace Matching 对花


Fuchsia Lane signature design detail is the symmetrical matching of left and right lace motifs usually on the front panels, collars, side seams and even on masks. Considerable time and effort is spent to achieve aesthetic balance and harmony


Embroidery of lace

Lace appliques are embroidered onto a layer of translucent silk before finally being embroidered onto the outfits. The silk underneath would be carefully cut away to reveal the gaps in the embroidery sensually showing a tinge of skin.

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Lace Applique

Fuchsia Lane’s signature design detail is the meticulous placement of lace applique onto the outfits which conjures poetic images of paintings.


These lace appliques are usually cut from various laces and may be layered onto each other to create a 3d effect. Snipped clean of any netting, with the designer spending hours on how each applique is placed onto every outfit, the designer creates a harmonious piece with each lace applique drawing synergy from each other. 


The lace applique is usually pinned at first (without pinning the inner lining) then temporarily stitched. This laborious process usually takes days at times.

Peranakan Beading娘惹珠绣

In love with traditional Peranakan craftmanship techniques, Vivienne has spent 6 months in 2010 to look for Peranakan artisans in various parts of Malaysia. She hopes to incorporate traditional crafts into contemporary silhouettes and details which allows more people to appreciate such precious art form in modern fashion.


Make an Appointment with us

Visits to atelier are strictly by appointments only.

What you will be expecting during your appointment:

- Personalised experience in a cozy environment.

- Curated designs and display according to your preference.

- One on one personal fashion consultation.


Get a chance to meet our Designer

or creative team

during your appointment

- one on one fashion & styling advice

- designing a bespoke piece for you

- bringing out the best of you in a beautiful piece

- helping you choose from our ready to wear range that flatters your frame

*questions will be asked before to understand your needs

Every woman deserves a beautiful piece

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