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I penned this poem to express my lifetime fascination with Chinese Opera since childhood.


Growing up, I was mesmerised by the stunning costumes, intricate hair and make-up and beautiful singing and graceful gestures of the Opera Artistes. In my school days, I love this music which was a theme song of an opera show sung by Vivian Chow.  Chinese culture, literature and history has always been close to my heart. Intrigued by how Chinese performing arts was assimilated into our Nanyang regions and became a new hybrid identity, I hope to keep it alive.


Chinese opera is a magnificent art form that has origins dated back to Three Kingdoms Period, and has always been educating the public on the ideal moral values of love, and righteousness. 


We like to tease and surprise by incorporating Nanyang influences into one of the world’s oldest dramatic art form. By expressing it in modern fashion, we hope to revive these cultural legacies.


Come embark on our exciting design adventures. 

Vivienne Ong-Lin

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I was born with 2 identities. I was born and bred in Singapore and grateful for the world class education and opportunities. My mum was from Penang so it is my 娘家( maiden home). Every year during the school holidays, I would stay with my grandparents in an eclectic mansion filled with Peranakan influences. 


This sense of familiarity with Penang and gratitude for Singapore created a longing always to bring the best of both worlds. So last year when I chanced upon a drawing of beautiful Opera lady in a design fair, I was drawn to Chong. 


@73Arts_ was affable and it sparked off a conversation about Art, Penang and life. So over a coffee, we decided to collaborate given our fascination with Chinese Opera since childhood. 


Trained as an architect, and coupled with his love for Nanyang Art and a sincere personality, his paintings of heritage buildings, opera ladies and fishes are a hit with the young and old. 


“I was impressed by Vivienne’s patience and passion. It is a great recognition to be able to work together with Fuchsia Lane. We can exchange ideas and potentially create something unique and impactful together.”

Chong, @73arts_


Over a year, we find possibilities to incorporate his specially commissioned watercolour paintings into The Peony Pavilion collection and overcoming the challenges which span Singapore, Penang and Korea.


I thank my lucky stars for my encounters. Watch the sparks fly in this space! 


Sneak peek into something extraordinary! 🎥✨ It is a dream come true for us 🤍 where we tried our many firsts including printing our own in house illustrations on special hanbok silks and mesh.

Join us in our design adventures which span Singapore, Penang and Korea as we aim to revive cultural legacies thru modern fashion.

Elevate your style with the sophistication and creativity inspired by the world's most captivating performances “ The Peony Pavilion 牡丹亭”

Every embroidery tells a story of passion. 

Opera Art x Fashion

IMG_20231005_174046 (1) (1).jpg

Take a peek at our show stopping pink piece featuring tassels and exquisite peonies embroideries inspired by our special collaboration artist Chong @73_Arts watercolour paintings. 


Embroideries are meticulously crafted by our Korean hanbok artisans and the piece is finally brought to life in our Singapore atelier.

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