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A Bespoke Creation for Award Winning Actress
Huang Bi Ren 

Huang Biren is no stranger to the local audiences. She is a household favourite, having acted in lead roles in numerous high-rating dramas. I had grown up watching her shows! 


Huang Bi Ren has won the most Best Actress Star awards to date - no simple feat in this competitive entertainment scene full of talents and veterans. 

I was naturally thrilled when we received her request to make a bespoke piece to attend her close friend’s wedding. Given her passion and acting talents, Biren jie has been affable and a delight to work with.  

We met up over tea in our atelier. After listening to her concerns and preferences, we decided on a 2 piece gown using dark blue evening fabric with blue and gold French lace- befitting of her stature and elegance. 

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-17 at 12.23.58 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2023-12-17 at 4.35.33 PM.jpeg

About the Design

I believe each creation should bring out a lady’s strengths and make her feel beautiful. I like to accentuate Biren Jie’s beautiful shoulders and long slim legs. 


I cut out the lace appliqué one by one and attach them over a  thin translucent tulle shoulder straps. So from far, it looks like the delicate florals are cascading down her shoulders. Some are big,  and some are small with three-dimensional flowers on her shoulders to create a dramatic statement. 

Next is the exaggerated translucent blouson silk sleeves which lends a regal air to Biren jie when wearing it. 

The left hem of the A line long skirt reveals translucent blue and gold lace over tulle that sensually hints of her long legs. When she walks the lace catches light and the resulting shadow gives a subtle hint of skin.

As a celebrated artiste and top notch actress, her appreciation of our designs and craftsmanship has bestowed meaning and recognition to our work.


Thank you for being part of our brand story.


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